We advise end to end – «Alpha to Omega» Enterprise Formation/Incorporation
Startup/Business Angel
FinTech, InsurTech
Run-off Management
Succession Planning
Interims Management
Greenfield Strategy
A + Ω Management: Alpha and Omega – at the beginning and at
the end. We take a holistic approach to you
and/or your company. From experience we
know how important a successful start of a
new business is, and are also familiar with all
the pitfalls and traps. Equally, we pay special
attention to smoothly unwind a business
taking care of all the swinging emotions of the
various stakeholders. Last, but not least, we
are happy to serve as your experienced
Interims Manager.
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Together with you we make your organisation
a better place to work for with «CANEI»
Change Management
Process Optimization
Operations Planning
Board Memberships & Mandates
CANEI Management: Continuous And Never Ending Improvement
is the driver to your and our success. This is
why we believe that standing-still is not an
option and we are proud to offer CANEI-
Management disciplines.
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We believe that you yourself are the most important
asset and have developed the «MMI» approach
Sparring Partner
Personal Image Branding
Work-Life Balance Consulting
(especially for women)
Career Planning
Time & Stress Management
MMI Management: Me, Myself and I: we believe that you are
the most valuable asset, to yourself, your
family, your friends and lastly to your company.
Treat yourself well and grow your asset.
We are happy to assist you.
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We accompany you to get started in
an new country with «Chuzai»
Company Foundation in Switzerland
Intercultural Management & Trainings
International Assignments & Repatriation
Intercultural Exchange & Introduction
for selected countries
Chuzai Management: Chuzai is the Japanese word for “expatriate” –
somebody who leaves his home to make a new
home in a foreign country. Home to us is
where we are from, or where we live – even
temporary, or where our beloved ones are.
Thus, you can easily be home and abroad
simultaneously. Anyway, today’s world is
intertwined and truly a big village. The most
crucial thing is to understand each other and
to feel comfortable - wherever you are.
Therefore, we are happy to accompany you
along this path sharing our personal experience
from the continents and countries we lived and
worked in: Far East, Japan, New Zealand, USA,
Germany, Austria, France, The Netherlands.
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Managing your internal and external stakeholders as well as
guiding you through the unique political Swiss landscape
Political Lobbying
Stakeholder Management
Client Management
Broker Management
Claims Management
Mediation and Conflict Management
Risk- and Contingency Management
360° Management Within the Finance and Insurance/Reinsurance
world, we can offer you a truly profound array
of expertise due to our own personal working
experiences of 50+ years in the industry.
Managing your internal and external stake-
holders as well as guiding you through the
unique political Swiss landscape is key to your
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