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Our key strengths and differentiator are the 50+-years experience we worked in top management functions. Our focus therefore is on execution and “getting things done and implemented”.

Based on our background we concentrate on three areas:

  • Leadership
  • Internationalization
  • Re-/Insurance

What good is it for to have a fantastic idea, a great strategy and/or plan, if you do not have the skills and stamina to execute it on time, on budget and on specification (OTOBOS)?

We offer our expertise and experience in the areas of Consulting/Organizational Development and in Coaching/Personality Development.

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Organizational Development

We support you in the execution of your strategy, implementation of your plans and your international expansion.

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Personality Development

We follow an integrative Coaching approach based on the Metatheory of Change from the Hephaistos Coaching Zentrum München. This approach assumes that the world is complex and therefore easy recipes will not do. We are dedicated to make leaders more effective in their professional and private lives.

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Our Experience,
Skills & Expertize.

Your Benefit.

Combined, we have 50+ years in senior executive positions. Claudia and Christof have spent most of their careers internationally working abroad, but never lost contact to their home country Switzerland. They had the privilege to study at Ivy League universities, such as St.Gallen, IMD, INSEAD. Back home in beautiful Central Switzerland, we very much enjoy our new life. Even more, we are looking forward sharing our experiences and working with you.