Coaching / Personality Development

As successful leaders of small and large teams, we have worked with, and have successfully developed people for many years. We are familiar with the joys and challenges both as a female executive and working parents.

As a Coach I specialize in the topic of “Leadership“. You can expect from me a great mixture of practical leadership experiences combined with the profoundness of a psychological training. I am a member of the Hephaistos Coaching Zentrum München where we follow an integrative consulting approach based on the “Metatheory of Change”. As the name indicates, change lies at the heart of this approach, and you are the focus, as an individual and leader with your own personal history and experiences.

I will support you in your personal development and through the changes in your surroundings. We will explore your specific topics and questions, and define areas for development.

I pay special attention to the uniqueness of your personality, and we work on your personal leadership style.

In the first meeting, we will discuss your actual situation and context. You can expect a holistic approach, not only applying cognitive abilities, but taking into account all your talents and senses. As a manager, you are an integral part not only of your organization, but also of your family and wider personal networks. Consequently, there exist manifold interdependences and involvements which will be considered.

Last, but not least, you are in the dirver’s seat and will remain responsible throughout the entire coaching process.

I am now looking forward meeting you and accompanying you through your professional and private life:

  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Career Planning
  • Work-Life Consulting
  • Mentoring/Sparing Partner