shiru are us

We are Coaches and Consultants, we are seasoned insurance professionals, we are also a couple and parents.  We are on the move – not only physically and locally, but also to develop ourselves further! Who are you?

This is our vision: Whether as an individual or as an organization, our services allow you to stand out from competition. They make you so successful that you strive to recommend us to business partners and friends.

Therefore, we are only satisfied when you are satisfied, i.e. once we have successfully concluded your project, completed execution and/or achieved your desired turnaround.

Research shows that the majority of projects¹ fail during the execution phase. That’s where we focus: by sharing our own personal experience and talents – inspired by experience – we accompany you through the ups-and-downs of every-day working and living realities. As we all know there are many reasons for failures ranging from the pitfalls of poor synchronization to the lacking support by the crucial people/employees to suboptimal processes.  We support you to overcome those challenges.


¹ In a recent survey of senior executives at 197 companies conducted by management consulting firm Marakon Associates and the Economist Intelligence Unit, respondents said their firms achieved only 63% of the expected results of their strategic plans.

Claudia Göldi

Claudia has over 25 years in experience in re/insurance in various functions. She lived and worked in Japan. She is also a certified Design Thinker. As a Business and Executive Coach, she enjoys to work with and develop people.

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Christof W. Göldi

Christof has served as CEO and Supervisory Board Member of various reinsurance and insurance companies in Austria, France and Germany. He offers a critical and very creative mind and generally excels as a Business Consultant with extremely wide general knowledge.

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Our Experience,
Skills & Expertize.

Your Benefit.

Combined, we have 50+ years in senior executive positions. Claudia and Christof have spent most of their careers internationally working abroad, but never lost contact to their home country Switzerland. They had the privilege to study at Ivy League universities, such as St.Gallen, IMD, INSEAD. Back home in beautiful Central Switzerland, we very much enjoy our new life. Even more, we are looking forward sharing our experiences and working with you.