shiru because...

  • we know what it means to look up (we were employees ourselves), to look top down (as prior CEOs) and to watch from the outside (in our today’s role as coaches and consultants).
  • we were leaders ourselves, led teams, motivated employees, executed strategies, implemented plans, managed conflicts, etc.
  • we know what it means to be in a “sandwich-position” as a leader, and that it can become lonely at the top.
  • based on our long-standing working experience we bring in a good portion of realism and pragmatism.
  • we have reshaped and reorganized companies and therefore are aware that “change management” is a big word, but means to overcome manifold stumbling blocks in real life.
  • we worked in many different functions and areas of the re-/insurance world and therefore possess an excellent overview, deep expertise and insights into this industry.
  • Christof was the first to establish a run-off platform in Germany.
  • we lived and worked in many different countries abroad, and experienced what it is like to start each time from scratch.
  • we looked at the particularities of Switzerland from outside and have strong ties to the political Swiss landscape.
  • we are investors and founders in start-ups and know the excitement when you start a new business.
  • Claudia is a top executive and knows the struggles when your best self is not male enough.
  • we are a working couple with teenage children and therefore know what it means and takes to combine a challenging job and family.
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Combined, we have 50+ years in senior executive positions. Claudia and Christof have spent most of their careers internationally working abroad, but never lost contact to their home country Switzerland. They had the privilege to study at Ivy League universities, such as St.Gallen, IMD, INSEAD. Back home in beautiful Central Switzerland, we very much enjoy our new life. Even more, we are looking forward sharing our experiences and working with you.