Coaching / Personality Development

As successful leaders of small and large teams, we have worked with, and have successfully developed people for many years. We are familiar with the joys and challenges both as a female executive and working parents. The majority of our working lives, we spent abroad, and have ourselves gone through the ups and downs of an expat life. And we still strive to become a better version of our selves every day. Because living means growing.

Our understanding as Coaches is: There are no simple recipes, but each person already has everything that it takes! The solution lies in your own good self! Therefore, it just needs to be discovered and sourced. We follow an integrative Consulting approach based on the Metatheory of Change and eight guiding processes. It is not our goal to change you just for the sake of change. Rather, we believe in authenticity. Neither do we have a single methodology, because one size does not fit all. Life is too complex.

We will explore your topic, not only cognitively, but with all our senses and the whole heart. Your own specific circumstances and all your talents will be taken into account. We will try to find out how you “tick”, and how you managed your life so far in order to develop new and effective solutions. Together with you, we will define your goals and accompany you throughout implementation.

Effective change and development lead often through a “valley of tears” and hard times. Therefore, we are cautious not to overstretch. It is vital to us that you treat yourself well. That you are good to yourself. That you find the right balance between life and work, job and family, stop short and go.

It sometimes helps in this process to talk things through with an outsider, somebody who brings in new perspectives and is not biased in whatever way. This is where we see our role as a coach. We guide you through the consulting process and keep track of the dynamics and the changes initiated along the way. However, you will always remain responsible, too, and take part in the decision-making.  With all this in mind – and with our personal rucksack full of experiences – we are looking forward working with you.